Withdrawing Money
Withdrawing Instructions
  1. Press withdrawal on your profile screen.
  2. Connect a bank by selecting your bank from a list of Kuwaiti banks, type in your account number or IBAN from your banking app.
  3. Choose between Instant 1.9% +100 fils fee or free for 1-3 business days.
  4. Press “Next” and your withdrawal will be processed.
Instant withdrawals

When processing your withdrawal we can expedite your transaction if your bank participates.

Withdrawal Speed

Money sent to your account is available within seconds in your Kem account. For standard withdrawals it should be received in your bank account within 1-3 business days. For Instant withdrawal the money should be in your account within 5 minutes (in most cases faster). Kem is not responsible for delays due to issues with sender or receiver banks, national holidays, and other factors.

Bank Holidays

Banks observe both government and bank holidays, and are unable to process deposits during these times.

Any money withdrawal from Kem, or money sent to another Kem user that you’re expecting to arrive on a holiday will be delayed until the following business day. Deposits initiated on a bank holiday may not post until 2 business days following.

Kem’s banking partners observe holidays such as Eid, National day, and others available on your banks website.

Why haven’t I received my money yet?

There can be a lot of reasons why your money has not hit your bank account yet. Standard withdrawals will be typically 1-3 business days which means sometimes transactions coming in on the weekends or holidays will take a few days extra to settle.

How can I find my IBAN or account number?

You must log into your banking app and then select the account you would like to use for withdrawal. You should be able to see your IBAN or account number, if you’re still having trouble you should reach out to your bank customer support.

Do you have any questions left? We'd be happy to assist you! Just drop us an email!
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