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Your money is your right, move it in a way thats quicker and easier for you. No more hassle
Sending or receiving money using your Kem account or bank account is free of charge
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Monthly fees
Kem doesn't charge any fees for sending money however for a full breakdown of fees visit our fees section
Save time with the Kem app
Don't waste time sending links or asking your friends for IBANs. Send money to anyone in your contacts even if they don't have the app.
A safe way to pay and get paid
Make your payments in private, all your information and transactions are encrypted; meaning your money, your business
Thousands of people use Kem to make fast and secure payments
No more scams and no more worries
Manage your kem money
Move money between Kem and your bank account, so your cash is exactly where you want it, when you want it
Download statements instantly
Keep track of your incoming and outgoing transactions the easy way, no more complicated bank statements